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Saku Sakamoto, an animation artist who worked on the digital effects of Mamoru Oshii's “Innocence / Ghost in the Shell2” and the ending movie of the game “Tekken Tag Tournament 2” (PS3, etc.). This film an animated film made by his alone, with five roles of director, animation, original work, screenplay and music.

It has been said that there are almost no attempts to “create alone” high-quality animation with a feature length of more than 60 minutes.

This work was officially screened at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival “Midnight Special”, was nominated for the Grand Competition Feature Film of Zagreb International Animation Film Festival, and was nominated for the “Kon-Satashi Award” at the Fantasia International Film Festival. Officially screened at many international film festivals.

A world of fear colored by nightmare visual beauty is drawn.

Starring popular voice actor Kana Hanazawa ("Godzilla: Monster planet" “Bakemonogatari” “PSYCHO-PASS”).

Producer’s Osamu Fukutani known for horror works such as movie's " THE SCALLY FOLKROE" starred by Mikako Tabe and NintendoDS's horror game  “Twilight Syndrome / The Forbidden Urban Legends ".

(2018 / Japan movie / HD / 5.1 ch / 74 minutes)


On an old factory site lies a menacingly large apartment building in the outskirts of town.

As of recent, the area is plagued by rumors of paranormal activity following the discovery of a female high school student's corpse.


A shy female university student, Rin, moved into the city recently. One night, she witnesses a large bug breaking free from an arm of an elderly woman who was being carried away in an ambulance. 


Curious about the bug she saw, Rin looks for answers in the library, and meets folklore scholar, Tokiyo, to find out that there have been many sightings in the past of these strange bugs in this area. 

These bugs are called "spirit bugs", and have had its existence kept a secret since the ancient times. People that have witnessed these "bugs" will result in having ominousomens and dying an unnatural death, thus many call it the "Curse of the Bug". 

Rin terrified of the curse, meets Nasuha, a middle schooler who emits a strange aura, and Saion, a shaman, while being cornered in by these bugs and strange occurrences.


However, Rin finds out that in order to solve this she herself must face her past that has been sealed away... 

What kind of fate awaits Rin?! And what is the horrific secret hidden that lies within?!



CV. Kana Hanazawa
CV. Ayana Shiramoto
CV. Yosuke Ito
CV. Fukujuro Katayama
CV. Shogo Batori
CV. Yukari Fukui
CV. Takaya Hashi


Saku Sakamoto

(Director/Author/Screenwriter/Animator/Music producer)



Graduated from Tama Art University's Department of Graphic Design in 2000.


His short animated works such as Makafushigi ('00) and Fisherman ('02) were selected for the Hiroshima International Animation Festival and received the first place Kirin Art Award. Since then, he has received numerous awards and his work has been introduced internationally through more than 10 film festivals including the International Film Festival Rotterdam.

He began his career as a freelance animation creator in 2002 and has worked with short films, opening titles for TV shows, commercials, promotional videos, visual effects for movies, and as a director and art director. He soon mastered these techniques, thus earning him the nickname "transcendent painter".

Recent works include creating digital effects for GHOST IN THE SHELL2: Innocence directed by Mamoru Oshii and directing the original anime Mattsu, Yamma and Moburi: ―The mystery of the seven gems and the flying castle― and Mattsu, Yamma and Moburi 2: ―Navy's treasure and islands with mystery to be hunted- produced by Japanese animation studio ROBOT COMMUNICATIONS INC. (famous for the short movie La Maison en Petits Cubes that won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film and the games series Onimusha for its CG)to promote Japan's Ehime prefecture.

Other works include, directing director Takashi Shimizu's, famously known for The Grudge, horror movie Alter Ego's VFX and music, creating the ending movie for the Play Station 3 game Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and creating the opening sequence for the T.V. show THE Sekai Issan. 


Fishher Man(2003)
Mattsu, Yamma and Moburi: ―The mystery of the seven gems and the flying castle―
Mattsu, Yamma and Moburi 2: ―Navy's treasure and islands with mystery to be hunted―
Osamu Fukutani




Producer Osamu Fukutani is one of horror movie experts, including "Last Supper" awarded at Scottland International Horror Film Festival, "Suicide Manual", "The Scally Folkroe" etc. Besides film, he directed the NintendoDS horror game ‘Twilight Syndrome The Forbidden Urban Legends’ , and was also known as the original author, such as "SHIBUYA GHOST STORY", which was also filmized, "Spirit Photograph Club".

© Saku Sakamoto / zelicofilm,LLC